To monitor and review an employee’s overall contribution to the organization.

Performance Management

• Cascade down and align corporate objectives. • Assist in setting right performance objectives. • Assist in setting the best KPIs. • Review performance periodically. • Facilitate coaching and mentoring processes. • Initiate Individual Development Plans (IDPs).


To identify, manage and develop employee competencies based on the company strategy.

Competency Management

• Align with the corporate strategy. • Recommends the best set of competencies. • Facilitate competency voting workshops. • Building the competency framework. • Crafting the competency dictionary. • Execute competency management interventions


To identify all performance related deficiencies and take the corrective actions.

Analyze Performance Gaps

• Identify performance gaps fairly. • Conduct root cause analysis (RCA) to get the real problem. • Define the solution of the real problem. • Take the proper corrective actions. • Review the employees’ performance after remedial actions