Attract & Hire


To attract the best and brightest people to work for your company regardless of specific open positions.

Talent Acquisition Strategy

Assess the current state and diagnosis • Collect data to make evidence-based talent decisions • Define the targeted and segmented talent motivators • Communicate the employer value proposition (EVP) • Build a strategic talent pipe lining. • Make unforgettable candidate experience


To identify the organization’s actual needs of human resources both in terms of quality and quantity.

Workload Analysis

Evaluate manpower utilization at the organization • Conduct gap analysis • Address the financial impact of the deviations • Recommend appropriate solutions and corrective actions


To link the strategic objectives with the human resources needs to guarantee the right fit and organizational agility.

Workforce Planning

• Analyze the current workforce capacity • Conduct workforce forecasting • Identify shortage and surplus of human resources • Develop Workforce Planning framework • Forecast the needs • Conduct the headcount budgeting


To identify the most effective and efficient talent sources based on analytics and matrices to save time and effort exerted in bad sources.

Sourcing Strategy

• Identify job families. • Determine the available talent sources. • Analyze the sources. • Measure sources effective and metrics. • Report and analytics. • Build your tailored sourcing matrices.


To evaluate behavior based on job-related simulations, interviews, and/or psychological tests in relevance to the most critical competencies of the job.

Assessment Centers

• Design the assessment center based on the need. • Administer the assessment center. • Conduct the assessment center (Certified Assessors). • Report the assessment results. • Recommend the next action.


To provide the organization with right talent, in right time, at the right place, with the right cost.

Recruitment Service

• Identify the right candidate through our market knowledge. • Attract the active and passive candidates. • Conduct competency based interviews (CBI). • Report the interview results. • Handle employment offers negotiation and close the cycle.


To mediate between executive management staff (C-Level) and our partners.

Executive Search

• Source and hunt the right fit C-suite candidates. • Conduct (CBI) interviews. • Report the interview results. • Conduct different assessment center exercises. • Check reference for data validation and credibility ensuring. • Handle employment offer based our hands-on experience.